How to Get Through These Difficult Times

We’re definitely going through some tough times, and needless to say, getting a little restless at home. With everything that is going on in our minds during this quarantine period it is important to stay positive and not let fear take over. Yoga can be a helpful way to de-stress and do some physical exercise. Not to mention that yoga (the balance between body and mind) can help not only tone and stretch the body, but also help balance your emotions and take a moment for yourself.

Staying cooped up at home is nerve-racking and it’s completely normal to go through different emotions. The important thing is to know that this situation WILL pass, and for the time being, we just have to do the very best that we can to make sure that everyone is safe.

My Emotional Transitions

I personally have gone through an array of emotions so far:

  • Day 1. March 12th. I decided to close the studio down straight after I heard that schools were shutting. The yoga studio (in Puerto de la Cruz) is in a tennis club where a large group of elderly people play dominos. The decision to close down before the government had even said anything was not only for prevention of spreading the virus, but also because it didn’t seem too relaxing to sweat in a humid room with 11 other people while worrying about germs.
  • Day 2. March 13th. The Spanish government finally closes down all schools and most businesses. I couldn’t really get my brain around the whole thing yet. My body felt like it was on a day off, while my mind was learning about how the virus was vastly spreading. My insurance company emailed me to let me know that I am not going to be covered in the studio should any injuries occur. They put my insurance cover on hold… so I happily set up a page on Facebook (Mimate en Cuarentena) to offer any type of support through yoga and meditation at home.
  • Day 3. March 14th. I think I was in denial at this point. I hadn’t really understood the severity of the situation yet. Thinking that “everything will be back to normal in 10 days”, I continued my day as normal, enjoying life at home and uploading videos to youtube.
  • Day 4. March 15th. More denial.  I was so happy to have constant video-chats with family and “long time no see” friends. It took me a moment to realise that people are suffering and the situation keeps getting more serious.
  • Day 5. March 16th. Reflection. My Netflix monthly bill was due, which I happily paid (thank God for Netflix) when it dawned on me… “How am I going to pay the bills (rent, taxes, electricity, food?!?!?) if I have no income?
  • Day 6. March 17th. Panic. The empty shelves at the supermarket freaked me out and I started crying when a nice supermarket attendant helped me look for toothpaste alternatives.
  • Day 7. March 18th. Anger. Arguing with a man at the grocery store because he didn’t want to follow safety protocol and put on gloves. Do your part buddy!

How can I help?

After all of this COVID19 talk, let me get back to my point. How can I help? Any way that I can. There has been a rather big debate with other yoga teachers through social media. Many are asking that we limit the amount of free classes, as it devalues what we actually do on a daily basis to make a living. Although I do understand the point, I also think that this is a global situation that everyone is suffering and that we are all in it together. Which is why I have decided to donate a 30 minute class Monday – Friday (in Spanish) on the Facebook page Mimate en Cuarentena. Please see the video below (in English) where I explain my point of view a little further.

Private Yoga Classes

Aside from also doing the free classes that I have set up, I will continue to offer one on one classes through Whatsapp Video chat for 10 Euros. These one hour and fifteen minute classes are designed to strengthen and stretch the whole body and help you mentally disconnect from everything that is going on. This way I can also see you and correct your postures. If you’re already a private student of mine and you would like to use up the sessions you have, please message me to set up a time. If you are new to yoga and interested in private 1/1 classes with me, send me a message on Whatsapp +34 671 21 49 29.

Group Classes

I obviously can’t forget about my lovely regular students from the Love Yoga Studio. Most of whom bought a class pack just before the studio had to shut down. If any of you who still have sessions available would like to use them up, I am organising collective classes (through the zoom app). It’s a super easy app to download either on your phone, tablet or computer. It’s free and it allows me to be able to see you while we do the class.  Again, these sessions are one hour and fifteen minutes, and will focus on one specific element through a vinyasa flow. I will allow a maximum of 10 students per class (just like in the studio), and you will be able to sign up through the TIMP app as per usual. If you’re new to my yoga classes, you can buy a “single session” for 8 euros and join the class on Zoom. If you’d like to book yourself in, please Whatsapp me +34 671 21 49 29.

Thank you for Understanding

The use of free yoga videos has existed even before the corona virus did. In fact, it’s one of many forms of inspirations that I use when I organise my classes. I began uploading videos to my YouTube Channel far earlier than this pandemic outbreak. It is understandable that many people are in a difficult situation where they cannot afford yoga classes which is why I would like to offer a little help. My online videos are mostly 20 minutes long (please keep in mind a proper yoga class is one hour and fifteen minutes).

I am happy to help, but I obviously also need to pay the bills. If I keep saving everyone’s unused sessions, by the time we get back into the studio by mid April, I won’t be able make ends meet. Which is why I would like to suggest for people to try my online classes and help support the online teaching community.

Again, thank you so much to everyone who already supports me and tunes in online. I am sending a huge virtual hug to you all and please be safe. We can get through this alone – together! Namaste.