The Vishuddha is the fifth chakra in the body. Often referred to as the “throat chakra” due to it’s location in the throat region. This chakra represents creativity, self expression and purification.

As we’ve seen in the past four articles (AnahataManipura, Svadhisthana and Muladhara) these energy wheels can not only guide us through a better understanding of our emotional and physical connections, but also help give us clues as to how to lead a healthier and happier life.

The Vishuddha Chakra

It is here, in the throat along the spine where your communication and understanding are developed. The first step towards telepathy begins in the vishuddha. The maintenance of your health and well being, your vocal expression and the understanding of right and wrong all start here, in the vishuddha.

If your Vishuddha is open and clear, wisdom can easily flow through you and learning new things becomes simple and helpful to your personal growth. A clear vishuddha chakra allows you to speak the truth and to have an effective and clear communication. Healthy interaction with others happens when your vishuddha is open and it might even be easier for you to learn new languages. Good teachers, who have the power to explain things in a clear and simple way often have well developed vishuddha chakras. Perhaps think about how to explain driving instructions to someone, or when you want to teach someone something new. Consciousness about how you use your own voice is a great way to better understand your vishuddha. 

The Throat

Have you ever had that annoying feeling of not expressing things the way you mean them to sound? When you mean well, and say a comment, but it comes out sounding more like criticism? That could be a sign of a blocked or closed vishuddha. You may experience problems through communication and expressing yourself. Unspoken emotions begin to clog up your throat (metaphorically speaking) and perhaps begin to experience a slight pain in the neck or shoulders or even a little soar throat or cough. 

Lethargy, shyness, fear of judgement or the opinion of others may also be signs that you need to focus a little more on expressing yourself. Speaking your mind, or perhaps being truthful with yourself, not only vocally with others. The throat represents your voice; your power to externalise your thoughts and emotions. Speaking allows you to state your opinions and communicate what goes through your mind. It is said that this chakra is what holds you responsible for your own achievements and failures. If you do not speak your mind or ask for what you seek, it may deeply affect your opportunities.

The Element of Ether

The vishuddha chakra, as we have just understood, is obviously connected with the throat, the neck and the general region between the chin and the shoulders. But the element of ether is rather delicate if you think about it. Ether is directly related to space, or Akash, in sanskrit. In the human body, this element can be seen not only in the spaces in the mouth and nose, but also in the respiratory tract, the abdomen, capillaries and even lymphatic tissue.

Think about it. Every single cell in your body is separated by a plasma membrane. Each tiny little space that each cell has to itself, to grow then creates bigger spaces when the cells come together. Have you ever thought about the space that you create for your organs when doing a yoga practise? Every time you are reaching up, you are creating space in between the vertebrae in the spinal column. And each time that you do a head stand, think of the organs, (the stomach, the bladder) that are usually squashed from standing for long periods of time. Aerial yoga is a great way to create space for your organs and give your whole body a nice stretch without doing harsh positions or violently tugging your body into a specific shape. 

Sing It Out

Ether is also the element through which sound is transmitted. Therefore it makes sense for the vishuddha chakra to be connected with your sense of hearing as well as speaking. Air is ether in movement. So ether is connected to the action of speech and also listening. This is the perfect chakra to try and practise a little Bhakti yoga (the practise of chanting through mantras). Try repeating a mantra while meditating or perhaps even during a yoga exercise helps the larynx and tongue to warm up your vocal cords. Try singing the bija mantra Ham when connecting with your vishuddha. 

The colour for the vishuddha chakra is Blue and the crystals connected with this chakra are often: Aquamarine, Blue Lace Agate, Lapiz Lazuli and Angelite. 

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