Margherita Stammati

Born in Canada from Italian parents, Margherita began her love for fitness when she was 14 years old in Paris while attending ballet fitness classes. After moving to Tenerife in 2014, she studied Vinyasa Yoga and Krama Vinyasa to obtain her 300 + 100 hour RYT certificates. As well as having completed her Intermediate Pole Dance Teacher Training in London, all of her classes offer a complete warm up to prevent injury. Her extensive knowledge in isometric training allow her to focus her classes in core work and stability.

Her passion for yoga continued as she discovered the aerial hammock, and deepened her studies with 100+ hour RYT training. She is also a certified Yoga Thai Masseur and offers complete stretching massages and relaxation sessions in the Love Yoga Studio.

Sonia Astreya

Originally from France and now relocated in Tenerife, Sonia is a certified Iyengar, Vinyasa/Warrior Yoga and Restorative Yoga Teacher. She has been practicing Yoga for more than 18 years and has been teaching it in Paris (France) and now Tenerife for more than 6 years.

Her classes may encompass, in addition to Asanas (postures), cleansing or mind calming breathing techniques (Kriyas, Pranayama…), sacred chants (Mantras), meditation and energetic work (Mudras, Reiki, Massage). Sonia has a very intuitive and personal approach of teaching, by checking in with each student’s energy and by adapting her teaching to each student’s needs and body.

Blanca Lara Belmonte

Blanca Lara Belmonte, born in Strasbourg and resident in the Canary Islands. At the age of 14 she began her practice with Pole in Tenerife, in addition, over the years she received classes from various teachers in Spain: Valencia, Madrid, Málaga, leading her to get the runner-up medal at the national competition IPSF. When she was 18 years old, she traveled to Madrid, training at TCM (Teatro Circo Musical) where she learned a multitude of disciplines such as aerial arts, acro-sport and interpretation. She worked as a professional pole dancer and dancer in various events both nationally and internationally. In 2020 she discovered her passion for the world of stuntmen and participated in the television series Sky Rojo. She currently teaches aerial and pole classes to children and continues to perform in hotels and events.