Namaste and welcome to the Love Yoga Studio.

The Love Yoga Studio is not only a place where we love to do yoga, but also where we practice self-respect, self-admiration and self-love.  I’m Margherita Aarti, the studio owner, and I don’t consider my job a “job” because I get to do what I love! Which is exactly the message that I would like to pass on to everyone who enters my studio; do everything … with love.

Just as there is a commitment on my behalf to respect the agreed schedule, to reserve your place, offering you the option to change classes and to recuperate your lost classes within the same month, I expect the same commitment on your behalf. Your time is precious, so I kindly ask for you to reciprocate the same respect towards me and my Studio.

Please note that the Love Yoga Studio has always been a big fan of hygiene and respect for one’s personal space. Shoes are not admitted in the Love Yoga Studio and you are expected to clean your mat with the spray and cloth after each use. Love Yoga is normally a quiet and tranquil space where people like to clear their mind and relax, therefore you are kindly expected to respect the silence during the class and be sure your mobile phone is in silent mode.

Thank you, Om Shanti!

Here are the Studio rules listed below, which you agree to when you attend any class in the Love Yoga Studio:

1.I Just want to try a class, how much does it cost?
Any trail classes cost the same as a single class. (Please ask Margherita Aarti in Whatsapp for current resident prices – you will need to show your residency card). You have one month to use up any sessions that you buy. You will be allowed to recuperate any missed classes within the month should you not be able to attend, but past 35 days, the unused sessions will be considered terminated.

2. I want to start classes in the middle of the month; can I still buy a pack of classes?
Your monthly pack begins on the first day you do! So if you start on the 21st of the month, your sessions will terminate on the 26th of the following month. You don’t have to buy single classes or wait for the beginning of the new month to start any classes in the Love Yoga Studio.

3. My class was cancelled because of a bank holiday, does that mean I lose the class?
No, if for whatever reason class is cancelled because the Love Yoga Studio is closed, I will make sure that you recuperate the lost class.

4. I can’t make my class today; can I make it up later?
If you are unable to attend a session and do not give a minimum of 12 hours notice, the session will be considered as used. You have 35 days from the date that your monthly pack begins to make up any unused sessions that are pending.

5. Do I have to go to the same class at the same time every week?
No, with Love Yoga you are free to use up your sessions as you like. If you prefer to come to a morning yoga class one week and an afternoon class the next week that is fine. The same way that if you want to attend three classes one week and only one class the following week, that is also allowed. You have 35 days to use up your sessions as you like.

6. I’m running late, can I still walk into the class?
You will be admitted into class even if you are up tp a maximum of 10 minutes late, but you are expected to come in quietly so as not to disturb the other students. The session will be considered as used even if you come in half way through. You will not be admitted to any class past 15 minutes of the beginning of the class.

7. Can I just show up to a class?
No, You will not be admitted into any class without reserving your place first. You must either book in through the studio app, or by contacting Margherita Aarti in Whatsapp. If you do not sign up to class (preferably with a minimum of 12 hours notice), you are not guaranteed a place, as there is limited space.

8. I bought some classes but cannot attend; can I give them to my friend to use up?
No. Any purchased classes or monthly packs may not be transferred onto or shared with anyone else other than the person who made the purchase (not including gift cards).

9. Can my kids come to class with me?
Unfortunately, Love Yoga does not admit spectators to come in and watch, due to privacy and limited space. Anyone from ages 13+ may join the Pole Dance, Lyra or Flexy classes. You must be 18 years of age to attend all other classes.

10. How can I make a payment for my monthly classes?
In the Love Yoga Studio it is preferred you pay in cash. If that is difficult it is also possible to pay with card (only if Margherita Aarti is present) or through bank transfer. Ask Margherita Aarti for account details.

Click HERE for class schedule and description.