Love Yoga Studio Covid19 Regulations

Love Yoga Studio is one of the many affected small businesses that must comply with the restrictions and regulations that have been put in place by the Canarian government.

The safety measures to ensure everyone’s well-being are the following:

  1. Shoes are not permitted in the Love Yoga Studio. Please take your shoes off at the door. You can either leave them outside on the white shoe rack or inside in the shoe holder.
  2. Please ensure you wash your hands either at the sink in the corridor or with hand gel before entering the studio.
  3. We highly encourage everyone to bring and use their own materials, so if you have your own yoga mat and blocks, please bring them. No worries if you don’t. We have plenty to lend you, but please clean all materials used with the alcohol spray by the door.
  4. These are difficult times for everyone and we must all be sensitive to the space we are sharing and the others we are sharing it with. We understand that everyone may have their own opinions regarding covid and recent regulations implemented by the government. We kindly ask however, that you refrain from discussing any covid related issues in the Love Yoga Studio, so as to keep the environment a calm and relaxing one.