Hatha Yoga

In this perfect class for beginners, you can find the balance between body and mind. The body is worked through the asanas (postures) and all the muscles are toned in a controlled way while you will also learn to control resistance and flexibility in a slow manner. For full class description please look HERE.

Yoga Alignment

This class is based on Iyengar yoga and Yin yoga teaching methods. This style of yoga is designed to offer the student a thorough understanding of the postures and to explore asanas on a deeper level. It emphasises correct alignment of all parts of the body within each yoga pose. This precision builds strength and stamina–balance and flexibility–and a new sense of self-exploration and well being. For full class description please look HERE.

Warrior Yoga

Warrior Yoga is a dynamic and cardio based yoga that facilitates the elimination of toxins through breathing and challenging sequences. This style of yoga helps you to empower your inner warrior, to step out of your confort zone and to learn how to get rid of unnecessary fears. For full class description please look HERE.

Element Vinyasa Yoga

A dynamic class that connects one of the five elements with fluid movements (of the Krama Vinyasa style). The entire body is worked through the asanas (postures) placed in a sequence (flow). The fluid movement strengthens the muscles and improves flexibility while using breathing techniques to control and guide the mind, balancing mind and body. For full class description please look HERE.

Power Flow

A fast paced and energising dynamic Vinyasa class with an emphasis on generating heat. The sequences will be delivered with a focus on opening the body through mobility and flexibility work to also help improve endurance and strength. This class is suitable for intermediate level students with a solid foundation in movement practice. For a complete description of the class, click HERE.

Aerial Yoga

In this class variations of the asanas (postures) of mat yoga are practiced with the help of the hammock. For full class description please look HERE.

Pole Dance

Get fit by creating beautiful shapes and spins. By using all of the muscles in the body, Pole Dance is a very complete exercise that tones and strengthens. It is not necessary to have experience or specific strength to learn how to do Pole Dance. Strength and flexibility are worked during each session. For full class description please look HERE.

Aro Hoop

In this one hour acrobatic class you will learn how to combine movements on the lyra, a circular steel ring (similar to a hula hoop) that’s suspended in the air by rope attached to the ceiling. For full class description please look HERE.


Due to limited spots, you are kindly asked to reserve your place before hand. You will not be guaranteed to be let in the class unless you have reserved first. You can reserve your place by messaging +34 671 21 49 29 through text message or WhatsApp. Please message as opposed to calling, as I am usually giving class and cannot answer the phone.


The prices for NON-Tenerife residents are:

-12 € / person for any Yoga class

-20 € / person for Aerial Yoga or Pole Dance

Resident prices are not listed on this website. Resident prices are only available to students who can commit to coming on a regular basis (4x or more a month). Please contact Margherita (+34 671 21 49 29) through whatsapp with your residency card to obtain the island resident fees.