Yoga Classes:

Tuesday at 6pm and Thursday at 11am
at Freyscan 2.0 Calle del Cardón &, C. Robles, 38400, Puerto de la Cruz.

Tuesday at 6pm
Hatha Yoga: a good balanced class between mind, body, strength and flexibility. Traditionally beginning with 5 minutes of meditation and 5 minutes of Pranayama (breathing exercises), the class focuses on correcting postures and holding them, exercising the mind to focus on the present moment. Here the entire body is also worked through active and passive flexibility exercises. The asanas (postures) are done in a controlled manner without alternating as is usually done in the Vinyasa style. Each class ends with 5 minutes of Shavasana (relaxation) to calm the nervous system. A strong class for those who want to work harder, but easy to follow for those who do not have much experience. Yoga beginners welcome!

Thursday at 11am
Yin/Yang Yoga: The Taoist principle of Yin and Yang is that all things exist as contradictory opposites, but in an inseparable and complementary way. Yin and Yang are two main qualities present in everything and seek constant balance with each other. Yin has more internal, passive, receptive and feminine qualities, while Yang is more external, dynamic, warm, strong and masculine. For a balanced Yoga practice, we need Yin and Yang elements. Yin Yang Yoga combines two styles of yoga into one practice: Yin Yoga, which is a slower practice in which postures are held passively for longer, allowing for deep, dense (yin) work on the connective tissues and the joints; and Yang Yoga, which is a more vinyasa-based asana practice, which helps develop muscle strength, flexibility and activates fire, passion and inner power. This class is perfect for beginners, who want to benefit from both a challenging yet regenerative practice, as well as more advanced students, who are looking for a balanced practice in the same class.

A single class costs €10
4 classes cost €35
8 classes cost €60

The class package has a duration of 1 month.
For more information (for reservations, class packages / payments): +34 640 36 36 65

What is Yoga?

Pole Dance Classes:

Monday at 7pm, Wednesday at 10am and 6pm
at the Tennis and Leisure Club at Calle Hibisco 4, 38400, Puerto de la Cruz.
Get into shape by creating beautiful shapes and spinning round the pole. By using all the muscles of the body, Pole Dance is a very complete exercise that tones and strengthens effectively. It is not necessary to have specific experience or skills to learn how to do Pole Dance. Strength and flexibility are worked on during each session. The class is one hour long. We typically start with a 15-minute cardio and fitness warm-up. The main part of the class is dedicated to learning spins and figures on the pole (35 minutes). Finally, we finish the exercise portion of the class by doing “combos” (or combining what we learned during class with connecting movements). The class ends with 10 minutes of stretching. There are 2 poles and a maximum of 4 people are allowed in a session (2 people per pole). Classes can only be reserved in advance as there are limited places and established groups. More information (For reservations and prices): +34 671 21 49 29

Why do Pole Dance?

Private classes:

Private classes are also offered:

Vinyasa & Hatha Yoga: a private class consisting of 5 minutes of meditation, 5 minutes of Pranayama (breathing exercises), 35 minutes of movement specially created and 100% personalised for the student, 15 minutes Thai massage in Shavasana (relaxation posture).

Pole Dance: for a single person or for small groups such as bachelor/bachelorette parties (for a maximum of 6 people). 100% personalised choreographies. Specialised in beginners classes.

Thai massage: a complete massage from feet to head. Acupressure techniques are used to relieve tension. The body also comes positioned in various ways to stretch all the muscles well. The massage is performed without oil, so the person receiving it remains clothed.
What is a Yoga – Thai massage?

More information (reservations and prices) write a message whatsapp: +34 671 21 49 29