Who am I?

I would like to consider myself a genuine, happy and bubbly person who loves helping people. Which is why it is so important for me to support and motivate small businesses who are able to embody my philosophy within an object.

Most yogis seem to be effortlessly light travellers. The types of people who can look amazing in a tank top and never be freezing, or handstand on any rocky soil and never complain about the pain getting in the way of their practice. I’m not really one of these yogis. Don’t get me wrong.  I love being minimalistic and clutter-free… but unfortunately, I am also the worst type of “high maintenance” person.  I love feeling pretty and comfortable in and outside of the Love Yoga Studio.

I adore collecting things, dressing up and decorating my practice space. Most importantly, I adore giving gifts and helping someone in need. Which is why these small businesses are perfect for helping you during the holidays, expecially in COVID19 times – when it seems that we need to support our local business more than ever.

Let me introduce you to Ikigay

Let’s take my favorite yoga mat as an example; comfy, beautiful and 100% eco-friendly. Sometimes people are shocked that I spend so much money on yoga equipment. What they don’t realize it that I spend much more time in the Love Yoga Studio than in my own home. I teach around 8 hours a day, spending most of that time on my beloved yoga mat, which is why it needs to be just as comfy and clean as my bed.

That’s how my love for IKIGAY started. It’s a 100% biodegradable mat made with ecological plastic-free material. All of the various mat designs are absolutely gorgeous, and aside from being pretty and aesthetically pleasing, they’re also super multi-functional. The mat’s carry strap doubles up as a yoga strap to stretch with.

With 4mm of squishy knee protection, you can comfortably stay in child’s pose without wishing your knees weren’t crying in pain. Downward facing dog is a dream because the mat’s anti-slip material on the bottom prevents the yoga mat from stretching and pulling underneath you.  Even with the 4mm of cushioned knee protection, the ikigay mat is still thin enough to practice balancing asanas without toppling over.

The wonderful Ikigay mat not only unites all the planet-friendly aspects you look for in such an important object, but the sale of each mat also goes to help an underpreveliged child in Venezuela.

For more information on Ikigay, feel free to contact me in whatsapp (+34 671 21 49 29) or check out their instagram page HERE. They ship worldwide – and you also get a free flexy/yoga class with yours truly (me) when you purchase one of these awesome mats. (Use discount code LOVEYOGA when ordering).

Let’s Sparkle

It’s not a lie that I love anything that shimmers and shines. If you sparkle on the outside, chances are you might feel tingly and smiley on the inside too. Which is why Marguli is my shimmer of choice.

This incredible brand not only is absolutely plastic and chemical free, which means you can wear it on your delicate face, but also… if you accidentally eat it you can rest assured that non of the ingredients will do you harm.

There’s a wide range of glorious colours to chose from, and the Harry Potter-esc packaging will make you feel like you have an actual treasure in your hands. Finally, a perfect excuse to exaggerate with glitter. For more information on Marglui, check out her instagram page HERE.

Savia de Oro, My Second Skin

Savia de Oro Mukti Jumpsuit with Los Roques Ikigay mat

If you’ve seen my Insta page, you’ll probably notice that I am OBSESSED with this particular clothes brand. Not only is it all hand made from 100% pure cotton; but all the vibrant tie-dye colours are hand tinted with natural flowers!

My wonderful friend Ivana from Gran Canaria is the designer and creator of this incredible local Canarian business. Having originally started as a lingerie brand, the quick expansion to yoga-wear was a God-Send. The Balance Collection is my absolute fave with: two different tops, two types of leggings, two bodysuits (long sleeved and short) and two incredible full-body-suits. All in 9 amazing colours. All pieces are hand sewn and double lined so you can forget about see-through/bum revealing lines.

Shipping worldwide and in the most gorgeous and reusable packaging, it’s hard not to treat yourself to something so pure and beautiful. (Shipping to Tenerife and mainland Spain costs just 5.55€ for each piece you buy, and if you spend more than 120€, then your shipping is free! – in Canaries only).

For orders / questions about the Balance Collection in Tenerife, UK or USA you can contact me directly in whatsapp (+34 671 21 49 29). All size specifications can be found in the catalogue, but if you’re in Tenerife, I have a small collection of prototypes for you to try on to see what the fit and feel is like.