The heart chakra, Anahata, is the fourth chakra inline positioned just above the Manipura. This chakra can be found right where your heart is, along the spine. Aside from the heart, other organs which are related to this chakra include the lungs. The anahata is often associated with serenity, love and forgiveness.

The functions of Anahata

Anahata in Sanskrit is the word for “unhurt” or “unbroken”, meaning that below all the feelings of emotional pain, there lies a place where you no longer feel pain within your soul. In a place the where the physical and the spiritual meet, you can experience pure, unconditional love.

Feeling generous, friendly and forgiving aren’t simply feelings that you suddenly get. They can be the signs to an open and happy anahata chakra. Giving without truly expecting anything in return is a clear sign that you’ve worked on your heart chakra.

If it is blocked however, you may experience feelings of jealousy and grief. Taking everything personally and being rather vulnerable may also be signs showing that your anahata needs a little attention. If you feel dependant of the love of others, or fearing rejection, perhaps take some well deserved “you time” and work on unblocking this chakra. 

Compassion is also formed within the Anahata. A great practise to help open this chakra and develop empathy is Metta Bhavna meditation, also known as loving kindness meditation. It helps open your understanding towards others as well as remind you to be gentler with yourself.

Can your anahata be too open?

Like everything in life, the ultimate goal is a healthy balance between things. This delicate equilibrium will obviously change over time, or in certain circumstances, even daily. Not when it comes to love and emotions, but more so regarding your limits towards yourself and with others as well.

An excess or overactive anahata chakra might result in taking things perhaps a little further than they should go. Over-generosity or giving too much can sometimes make others feel uncomfortable, even if you mean well. The same way that loving someone, or even your family, so much that you become a necessity for them can also be an imbalance in anahata. Don’t get me wrong. We all need family, but being over protective, worrying too much or making yourself indispensable can come in the way of your own self love and worth.

The Air Element in Anahata

Air is present through the body in many ways, not only just by breathing. It is also manifested through large movements of muscles and through movements in the stomach wall and intestines. The heartbeat also contains air as well as  the expansion and contraction in the lungs. The air element is related to the skin and the sense of touch and also strongly connected with the hands (think of the gesture of giving and receiving).

The main colour for anahata is green and the bija mantra is Yam. If you are finding it especially hard to forgive someone or to feel compassion during a specific situation you could perhaps try to visualise breathing in a green vapour. Visualisation meditations often have very positive effects and can help concentration if you are finding it hard to focus. 

Crystals that help heal, open or stimulate anahata are: Emerald, Jade, Green Quartz or Amazonite. 

Here is the Air Salutation, Vayu Namaskar. Also be sure to check out my other articles for the other chakras: Ajna, VishuddhaManipuraSvadhisthanaMuladhara.