Aerial Yoga

Acrobatic Aerial Yoga

In this acrobatic class, you start with 5 minutes of meditation followed by a good warm-up focused on isometric exercises to strengthen and prepare the body for the sequences that are done in the hammock. Each week a different sequence is worked on connecting several different postures in a fluid way. Although some sequences may seem quite acrobatic, the strength to perform them is gained through the sessions. Each class ends with a 5-minute relaxation in the hammocks.There are four hammocks, therefore a maximum of 4 people per class. Each hammock is cleaned with an antibacterial spray and then ironed with vapour at 90 degrees. The class lasts 1 hour. This class is taught by Marghertia. (Please note: space and availability may vary due to COVID19 regulations. No drop-ins allowed. You must book your place in advance).

Aerial Loop

Aerial Loop

Much like an Aerial Yoga class, although no specific strength is required, the Aerial Loop could be considered a bit more acrobatic. Unlike Aerial Yoga that is done with the hammock and stirrups, the Aerial Loop hammock is made of elastic fabric. That fabric (without stirrups) allows you to do a wider range of asanas (yoga positions) that then facilitate the transitions that unite one figure with another. It is advisable to try an Aerial Yoga class before trying the Aerial Loop, especially for a beginner who needs to get used to the swinging motion. We begin each class with 5 minutes of meditation and breathing before beginning the warm-up. Each class ends with a 5 minute relaxation in the hammocks. There are four hammocks, therefore a maximum of 4 people per class. The hammocks are washed with antibacterial spray and then steam ironed at 90 degrees. The class lasts an hour and a quarter. This class is taught by Marghertia. (Please note: free places and availability / hours may vary due to COVID 19 regulations. Visits without prior appointment are not allowed. You have to reserve your place in advance).

Pole Dance

Pole Dance

Get fit by creating beautiful shapes and spins. By using all of the muscles in the body, Pole Dance is a very complete exercise that tones and strengthens. It is not necessary to have experience or specific strength to learn how to do Pole Dance. Strength and flexibility are worked during each session. We normally start with a 15 minute cardio and fitness warm up. The main portion of the class is dedicated to learning spins and figures on the pole. Finally, we finish 35 minutes of exercise on the pole by doing “combos” (or combining what we learnt during the class with linking moves). The class finishes with 10 minutes of stretching and cool down at the end. There are 2 poles and a maximum of 4 people are allowed in one session (2 people per pole). This class is also taught by Marghertia. (Please note: space and availability may vary due to COVID19 regulations. No drop-ins allowed. You must book your place in advance).


Lyra Class

Dare to fly, defy gravity and develop your self-confidence. In this one-hour acrobatic class you will learn to invert and make new and beautiful figures with your body. Similar to Aerial Yoga or Pole Dance, it works the entire body, strengthening and stretching. A very complete class for those who want to exercise without noticing it. With the lyra, (a circular steel ring, similar to a hula hoop) that is suspended in the air by a rope attached to the ceiling) you will learn to combine movements with figures through fluid transitions. Similar to Pole Dance, the class begins with a 15-minute warm-up, to prepare and strengthen the muscles necessary for both disciplines. 35 minutes are spent between the silks and the hoop, learning different techniques and postures. The class ends with 10 minutes of stretching. Four hoops are hung from the ceiling, therefore there is limited space in the classroom. Typically, a total of 6 students are allowed in the class (4 with COVID restrictions). This class is taught by Marghertia.

Which class do I start with?

Do all of these classes sound amazing and you just don’t know where to start? Our suggestion is to start with the simplest class and work your way up from there. If you’ve never been on upside-down before, try an aerial yoga class first. It will give you the basic strength you’ll need to start making some easy inversions.

If you can’t wait to go crazy, try pole dancing or lyra. You’ll feel like you’re getting ready for Cirque du Soleil… But remember, no one was born already knowing everything they need to know. That’s why each class is also perfectly adaptable for beginners! If flips aren’t your thing, try a restorative aerial yoga class. It is guaranteed that you will stretch and leave feeling rested and relaxed.

How To Book

Due to limited spots, you are kindly asked to reserve your place before hand. You will not be guaranteed to be let in the class unless you have reserved first. You can book by sending a text message or WhatsApp to +34 671 21 49 29. Please send a message instead of calling, as I usually teach and cannot answer the phone. Resident prices are only available to students who can commit to coming regularly (4 or more times per month). Contact Margherita (+34 671 21 49 29) through whatsapp with your residence card to obtain the island’s resident rates.