The Love Yoga Studio in Tenerife is a warm and inviting space.  Located in the residential area of Puerto de la Cruz, in the comfortable and welcoming tennis club ‘Club Deportivo de Ocio’. There is a wide selection of classes to chose from, all given in English and Spanish and there is no need to be a member in order to enjoy one of the classes or any part of the tennis club’s amenities.

The available classes are:

Meditation: In this one-hour meditation class we practice various breathing techniques (pranayama). Guided meditation helps reduce anxiety, regulate emotions, and better concentration and self-awareness.

Vinyasa Yoga: It works the whole body in a complete way, through the asanas (postures) practiced in a fluid and dynamic form. Through continuous movement, the muscles are strengthened and flexibility is improved.

Aerial Yoga: A yoga class with the aerial hammock. It strengthens the muscles and works flexibility in a relaxing way with the yoga swing.

Pole Dance: Learn to love your body through the fluidity of movement with the pole. Train your body creating beautiful shapes and continuous spins.

The time table is shown below, although you are kindly asked to reserve your place before hand. You will not be guaranteed to be let in the class unless you have reserved first, as there are limited spots. You can reserve your place by messaging +34 671 21 49 29 through text message or WhatsApp.


The prices for non Tenerife residents are:

-10 € / person for yoga

-15 € / person for aerial yoga or pole dance


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