The Love Yoga Studio in Tenerife is a warm and inviting space.  Located in the residential area of Puerto de la Cruz, in the comfortable and welcoming tennis club ‘Club Deportivo de Ocio’. There is a wide selection of classes to chose from, all given in English and Spanish and there is no need to be a member in order to enjoy one of the classes or any part of the tennis club’s amenities.




In this flexibility class we start with an effective warm up to prepare the body for a good stretch. Different props are used; such as elastics, the feetup and the aerial yoga stirrups, which help get into a deeper, and more satisfying stretch. Good flexibility helps a better range of motion and helps muscle strength to prevent injuries. A class for all levels!

Element Vinyasa Yoga

A dynamic class that connects one of the five elements with fluid movements (of the Krama Vinyasa style). The entire body is worked through the asanas (postures) placed in a sequence (flow). The fluid movement strengthens the muscles and improves flexibility while using breathing techniques to control and guide the mind, balancing mind and body. Each class starts with 5 minutes of meditation and ends with 10 minutes of relaxation. A class for all levels, however it is considered to be rather dynamic. Yoga beginners welcome!

Yoga Alignment

This class is based on Iyengar yoga and Yin yoga teaching methods. This style of yoga is designed to offer the student a thorough understanding of the postures and to explore asanas on a deeper level. It emphasises correct alignment of all parts of the body within each yoga pose. This precision builds strength and stamina–balance and flexibility–and a new sense of self-exploration and well being. Alignement Yoga allows steady progress in the art and science of yoga and provides solid tools to make almost any yoga pose work for you.

Warrior Yoga

Warrior Yoga is a dynamic and cardio based yoga that facilitates the elimination of toxins through breathing and challenging sequences. This style of yoga helps you to empower your inner warrior, to step out of your confort zone and to learn how to get rid of unnecessary fears. The mantra of Warrior yoga is “I Can”, allowing you to progress rather quickly in your physical and spiritual practice.

Aerial Yoga

In this class variations of the asanas (postures) of mat yoga are practiced with the help of the hammock. Practising various postures with the help of the suspension of the yoga swing helps strengthen the muscles. Flexibility is also gained in a relaxing way while helping to relieve tension in the spine and cervical area when maintaining inverted postures for a few minutes. It helps disconnect the mind and relieves stress. The class lasts one hour and 15 minutes. We begin each class with 5 minutes of meditation and breathing before commencing with the warm up. Although some postures can seem rather acrobatic, the strength to perform them is gained throughout the sessions. Each class ends with a 10 minute relaxation in the hammocks. There are four hammocks, therefore a maximum of 4 people per class.

Pole Dance

Get fit by creating beautiful shapes and spins. By using all of the muscles in the body, Pole Dance is a very complete exercise that tones and strengthens. It is not necessary to have experience or specific strength to learn how to do Pole Dance. Strength and flexibility are worked during each session. The class is one hour and 15 minutes. We normally start with a 15 minute cardio and fitness warm up. The main portion of the class is dedicated to learning spins and figures on the pole. Finally, we finish 45 minutes of exercise on the pole by doing “combos” (or combining what we learnt during the class with linking moves). The class finishes with 15 minutes of stretching and cool down at the end. There are 2 poles and a maximum of 4 people are allowed in one session (2 people per pole).

Exotic Pole Dance

In this special pole dance and choreography class you learn to accept your body and move with a sensual style. You will learn specific dance techniques on the floor with an exotic style combined with tricks on the pole. You can do the class with or without heels and you don’t need experience in Pole Dance. Learn to love yourself and move your body in a new way. This class is one hour and 30 minutes and there is a maximum of 3 people per session.

Aro Hoop

In this one hour and 15 minutes acrobatic class you will learn how to combine movements on the lyra, a circular steel ring (similar to a hula hoop) that’s suspended in the air by rope attached to the ceiling. A similar class to Pole Dance, here you will start with a 15 minute warm up, to condition and strengthen the muscles needed for the class. 45 minutes on the lyra are spent learning different techniques and poses, and the class terminates with a 15 minute stretch and cool down in the end. Two lyras are hung from the ceiling, there fore there is limited space in the class. A total of 4 students are permitted to the class (2 people per lyra hoop).


This is a special Saturday class to  help you improve not only your balance, but also to get a great cardiovascular workout. This class is one hour and 15 minutes, where you start with a general body warm up and focus on specific muscles in the body to help tone and avoid injuries. Have fun learning how to move fluidly while spinning the hoop either on your body or around you. A great new way to keep fit, burn calories and work your core muscles! There is a maximum of 3 people in this class.


Due to limited spots, you are kindly asked to reserve your place before hand. You will not be guaranteed to be let in the class unless you have reserved first, as there are limited spots. You can reserve your place by messaging +34 671 21 49 29 through text message or WhatsApp. Please message as opposed to calling, as I am usually giving class and cannot answer the phone.



The prices for non Tenerife residents are:

-8 € / person for Flexibility

-10 € / person for any Yoga class

-15 € / person for Aerial Yoga, Pole Dance, Aro Hoop or Hula-Hoop

-20 € / person for Exotic Pole Dance

Resident prices are not listed on this website. Resident prices are only available to students who can commit to coming on a regular basis (4x or more a month). Please contact Margherita (+34 671 21 49 29) through whatsapp with your residency card to obtain the island resident fees.